SMS Marketing

Magic SMS is India’s most Popular SMS Marketing Company.

Magic SMS provides magical growth to every Business by SMS Marketing in today’s digital India time.

SMS marketing is become most popular in India because it is cheapest marketing solution & direct touch to anyone at anywhere.

Bulk SMS Services as a marketing tool offer several distinct advantages over other media like TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and internet. People carry mobile phones everywhere they go, means, faster & quicker visibility over Tv or other advertising medium. It is easier for people to act upon received SMS immediately. For instance, users can reply or call to the given contact number specified in the original message. You can collect feedback instantly using sms Marketing if they are interested, there by you have a more accurate idea of the success of your marketing strategy. With Bulk SMS, you don’t have to laboriously send messages to every recipient. You can send messages to millions of people at once. You do not require any special infrastructure or expensive technology to implement send SMS. Its pay as you go. Bulk SMS Marketing are much cheaper than advertising in TV or Radio for the same or even more amount of reach.

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