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How Can I Use Short Code Service?

Best Short Code SMS Services

Short code sms service is a 5 digits virtual number which is configured at all the circle mobile operators in a particular country. These are premium numbers and no direct call is accepted on these numbers and short code works with sms based applications to pull information from any type of database and give reply for free. Short Code is being Small in Size it is easy to remember. SMS short code service is essentially used for generating leads and for receiving customer feedback..

Our Short Code’s fully featured web based control panel helps you to reach your customers immediately and our user friendly interface solves the complexity regarding short code management. You can manage your reply message for every keyword and sub-keywords. You can export real time reports in excel. The 2-way communication enables you to reach out the customer very fast and quickly

Fetures of Shortcode 56767

Unlimited Free Auto Reply SMS

With our short code service you will have unlimited free auto reply for incoming SMS & Change auto replies as many times you want.


Secured, Fully Controlled and managed Webhook along with complete documentation which is available in the panel.

2-Way Communication

Receive message on the short code, capture the same into inbox and a free auto generated reply sms will deliver to users. In this way you can create a 2 way communication system with users.

Email Alert

By receiving alert on your email id you can directly interact with your customers without access to your control panel and irrespective of location. Our email alerts contain complete report about subscriber like mobile number, date and time of subscription, message content, operator and circle.

SMS Alert

By receiving message alert immediately on your mobile number you can easily interact with your customers from anywhere irrespective of work place. When someone enquire about your service and send a message on your short code keyword, you will receive SMS at your mobile with sender’s mobile number and keyword.

Live Report

Reports will be updated in real time and the same is applicable for webhook users also so that they can also get the benefit of real time reporting system. Download reports for daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, annually or for customized date range in excel format. Separate download of reports for main keyword as well as sub keywords.

Unlimited sub keywords

With a single short code keyword you can create unlimited sub keywords according to your requirement and manage different auto reply for every sub keywords for e.g. if “MAGIC” is your main keyword then you can create sub keywords like MAGIC JOB, MAGIC MRKT, MAGIC SUP…

Long Code Vs Short Code

Long Code SMS is very cheaper than short code sms, As when a user sent information on long code he will be charged by normal sms pack by his mobile operator or when sent by short code, he will be charged a premium rate as defined by mobile operators. Widely short code sms is used in sms contest, sms voting to share revenues.

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