Bulk SMS is used by companies, enterprises, banks, schools, and small businesses. Bulk SMS is direct Touch to your Customers updated about Products, Information, Offers, Launches & more purpose. Bulk SMS service is a very easy and effective to promote your business. 97% of bulk sms are read in first 3 minutes of delivery. Bulk SMS promote your products & services to reach the target audience in minutes & Now Send Attachments in Your SMS Campaigns- Easily Share Images, Links, Brochures, PDF, GIF & more

Bulk SMS Ready With Latest Features

SMS with Attachments

Now Magic SMS has brought some of the email functionality to text messaging in Text sms Cost. Our Taxtly Option will convert any attachments to a clickable link (Short URL) in the body of your text message. You Can send Presentation, menus, brochures, flyers, Invoices and Proposals etc with customers and track it’s Checked or Not.

Campaign Tracking

Get Performance of your SMS marketing campaigns by using Magic SMS link tracking system. Get detailed reports on the click Views of your campaigns, who opened the links at what time, the recipient’s location details and device Name, Mobile Number From Marketing Camapign.

Customized SMS

Customized SMS is use for personalized SMS. by Using this option you Can send Bulk SMS with Customers Individual details like Exam Results, Order No, Amount, Customer’s Name, Due Date etc.


Scheduled SMS

Using this Option You can schedule your SMS text messages to be sent at a future date and time It can be used to set up a reminder message the day before an appointment, meeting or event. It can be used to tell customers about a one day only special. You can even schedule SMS messages to go out to yourself, to remind you of any events, meetings or what groceries you need to pick up at the end of the day

Unicode SMS

You Can Send SMS in different regional languages like Hindi, Gujarati etc. Magic SMS provides Bulk SMS with Unicode service in India for national and regional languages.The major benefit with this is; a proper target and better reach to your potential customers.


Magic SMS provides Full Featured APIs allows you to automate the sending and receiving of messages by integrating our SMS services directly with your business applications, websites or other software.

Type of SMS

“Direct Touch to your Customers updated about Products, Information, Offers, Launches & more purpose”
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