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Long Code Services

SMS long codes, also known as 10 digit virtual numbers are basic cellular numbers, highly productive to engage the user into a rapid and cost-effective multi directional communication. These 10 digit numbers are accessible globally and not just restricted within the networks in India. Moreover, long codes are charged as per the regular SMS rates of the user unlike short codes which are priced at a premium rate.

Example :

If your keyword is XYZ on 9XXX XXX XXX and when you or your customer sends an SMS with keyword XYZ Your message to 9XXX XXX XXX then the keyword, message, phone number, sent time will be tracked on the basis of the keyword and update details to the particular customers control panel or push the information to customer database real-time if URL forwarding is enabled by you.

  • Suited for a closed-circle messaging where enterprises do not want their customers and employees to pay a premium for outgoing sms.
  • Used by enterprises who want their sales force to send them critical information or for receiving queries/responses from the existing customers over sms.
  • Unlike short-code service which is country specific, long code service can be used for querying business information from around the globe.
  • Cheaper to the sender who wishes to query the information
Features & Benefits :
  • Product / Service Customer Feed backs
  • Voting & Polling
  • Automated Lead Generation
  • Online Subscriptions / Verifications
  • Exam Results
  • Media & Entertainment Sectors
  • Product Registrations / Verifications
  • Vehicle Tracking Using GPS
  • Luck Draw, SMS Based Quiz Programs
  • SMS Based Recharging
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  10000sms @ Rs.2360
  25000sms @ Rs.5310
  50000sms @ Rs.10030
  100000sms @ Rs.18880
GST @ 18% Including
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